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BOS_1.JPG John Bosco is an attorney duly licensed to practice law in the States of New York and New Jersey. He is a partner in the law firm of Bosco and Mascolo, Esqs. LLP where he helps plaintiffs against whom the scales of justice have been tilted by the negligent infliction of personal injury.

Our society has achieved a modus vivendi by which we co-exist. Plaintiffs have renounced in-kind retaliation - an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. In exchange for the forbearance of plaintiffs, society has substituted compensation - the cash equivalent of the eye, tooth or other personal injury - as the means to bring the scales of justice back into balance. The cruelty of in kind retaliation has been purged from our system of justice in favor of a gentler system of compensation: monetary restitution instead of violent retribution.

Bosco goes after defendants on behalf of plaintiffs to make sure that the balance between plaintiffs and defendants is restored. Liability insurance companies do not really care whether the scales of justice are brought back to balance. They have no interest in fully compensating an injured plaintiff. This is unfair to society because when justice is left out of balance disharmony erupts. Bosco makes sure liability insurance companies pay the full debt created by the negligent infliction of personal injury. Bosco has tried many cases before juries in various areas of law from Deleware to New York. He is a graduate of Monsignor Farrell H.S. on Staten Island, New York, Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire and Brooklyn Law School.

Bosco is the author of A Unified Theory of a Law. It teaches that a law is simple, its behavior is regular, and its boundaries have been discovered, explored and mapped. 'A Unified Theory of a Law' is the map. A good map is an indispensable tool for any successful journey into and through the legal world. Bosco's next book will deal with the science of Interrogation and will introduce the concepts of Micro-Interrogation™ and Macro-Interrogation™. Bosco taught a pre-law class to seniors at Monsignor Farrell H.S for 19 years. In 1988, he was the president of the Alumni of Monsignor Farrell H.S.. Bosco has also written articles on causation for the magazine of the American Trial Lawyers and for the New York State Bar Associations TICL journal. Bosco was one of the many volunteer lawyers of Trial Lawyers Care who -- without charge -- helped victims of 9/11 through the maze of the Victims Compensation fund. Bosco's client received one of the highest awards from the Fund. Bosco masterminded the defense of his brother, Captain Peter Bosco, who was falsely accused of wrongdoing with regard to the Deutsche Bank building. The defense, though unconventional, successfully kept the politicians from scapegoating him. Bosco is a member of the Richmond County Bar Association. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers and the New Jersey State Bar Association.