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The Unvarnished Truth

Did you know that it is legal in the States of New York and New Jersey for a negligent motorist to inflict injury as long as the magnitude of the injury falls below an ill-defined threshold? Both NY and NJ allow the "bad guys" to hurt people and get away with it. Absurd, no? Why is it legal? When mayhem is legal, the profits of Liability Insurance Companies rise. For more , click here.

Bosco and Mascolo, Esqs. LLP, Accident Lawyers, near Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Bosco and Mascolo, Esqs. LLP have the "know how" to find satisfactory solutions to your legal problems. Our "know how" comes from experience. We have handled accident cases for almost three decades. In the course of these many years, we have learned the answers to your legal questions. Call us at 718-273-4046 in New York and 732-39BOSCO in New Jersey for a free consultation about your accident case. Get the benefit of our experience.


In this world, there are those who inflict injury and those who suffer injury. We do not represent those who inflict injury. We represent those who suffer injury. We wear the white hats. We're the good guys. Our job is to help restore the balance of justice when it is upset by the negligent infliction of injury, pain, suffering, disability, economic loss and death.

The Unvarnished Truth

Does your liability insurance cover your spouse? Or are you vis-a-vis your spouse uninsured? For the answer, click here.


The balance of justice is far from people's minds - until a tragedy happens that upsets it to their detriment. Feeling the sting of an injustice is the only sure way to get people to pay attention to the question of how justice gets done. To put it crudely: until you get skunked, justice is irrelevant (For example, click here). Justice, however, is not irrelevant to us. We are in the Justice business.


From age to age and from nation to nation, disputes arise. The energy of a dispute rages, boils and, whenever a society lacks a safety valve to vent it, explodes. The safety valve is a system of justice whose ministers view themselves as peacemakers dedicated to the holy and noble goal of bringing justice back into balance. Without a safety valve, we would not be able to vent the exuberant energy of our disputes. Unvented, the energy of our disputes would explode, the fabric of society would be ripped apart and we would be hurled into the maelstrom of chaos. Restitution and restitution alone prevents our society from descending into the frightening darkness of retaliation.


Unfortunately, the substitution of restitution for retaliation opened the door for snakes to slither into our garden of justice. The snakes are the Liability Insurance Companies. On the prowl for lawmakers, jurors and judges who possess the foolishness of Eve and the gullibility of Adam, they promise to unburden us of the risk of restitution - for a fee. Liability Insurance Companies are merchants of injustice. Insurance brings a conflict of interest into our system of justice. The goal of our system of justice is to restore balance and harmony amongst disputants. The goal of liability insurance companies, however, is to make as big a profit as possible. These goals are antithetical. They conflict with each other. To bring the scales of justice back into balance requires fair and adequate restitution. This, however, reduces the profits of liability insurance companies. Inadequate and unfair restitution keeps the scales of justice out of balance. This disharmony increases the profits of Liability Insurance Companies.

The greed for profit, therefore, drives liability insurance companies to try to hijack our system of justice (Click here for an example). Sadly, like Adam and Eve, some lawmakers, jurors and judges have been deceived by the hiss of the snake. Entrusted with the noble and holy mission of restoring balance and harmony amongst disputants, they have betrayed our trust. They allow the scales of justice to hang awkwardly out of balance. Unfortunately, when justice is out of balance, it fails to serve as a safety valve. The exuberant energy of a dispute is not vented. The wounds of an injustice fester. And we descend into the frightening darkness of retaliation. Make no mistake. It is a law of nature that justice always returns to equilibrium. Both retaliation and restitution cannot be kept from the citizens of a nation for long. It is either one or the other. Therefore, happy is the land whose lawmakers, jurors and judges are true to their mission and are not deceived by the hiss of the snake.


In this day and age when the Insurance Companies have poisoned the minds of lawmakers, jurors and judges with the canard that all cases are phony and all lawyers crooked, Bosco and Mascolo, Esqs. LLP stands out as honest lawyers with a proven track record of accepting only real cases with real injuries and bringing them to successful conclusions.

When the scales of justice are tilted against you by a defendant's wrongdoing, Bosco and Mascolo, Esqs. LLP helps to bring the scales of justice back into balance. We remind our lawmakers, judges and jurors of their role as peacemakers and that it is good for society to bring the scales of justice back into balance through fair and adequate restitution.

We handle injury and death cases arising from a wide variety of accidents involving motor vehicles, fall-downs, slips and trips, construction, municipal workers, police and firefighters, animals, maritime and other types of accidents. Although we handle all types of cases from the simple to the complex. we do not sue doctors for malpractice.

We are not just attorneys but counselors at law. If you have a legal problem, come to us for advice and counsel. If we cannot handle it, we may be able to point you in the direction of a solution.

We also handles litigation in the commercial arena as well and, through an of counsel arrangement, offer wills and estate services

With Bosco & Mascolo, Esqs. LLP you have instant access to justice regardless of your financial condition because we handle injury and death cases on a contingency fee basis. Our initial consultation is free with no strings attached.

If you are injured in a serious accident and need our help, please call us at 718-273-4046 for a free consultation. We are trial lawyers. Speak to John Bosco or Tony Mascolo today. When they hurt you, we try to help.

Bosco and Mascolo, Esqs. LLP, Accident Lawyers, on Staten Island, New York


1) What is an oxymoron? An oxymoron is a figure of speech wherein two or more seemingly incongruous ideas are juxtaposed against one another. A typical example of an oxymoron is 'almost pregnant'. You either are pregnant or not pregnant not almost pregnant. Cynics hold the phrase 'honest lawyer' to be an oxymoron. We are not an oxymoron because our experience has taught us that honesty, real cases, real injuries, and successful conclusions do, indeed, coexist. "We are not an oxymoron!" is our way of saying that we try to practice law with integrity. Those with phony cases and phony injuries ought to look for another law firm.

2) Why are the words, 'In God We Trust', placed in the Header of the Page? In every courtroom in America, the words, "In God We Trust", hangs on the wall behind the judge's bench. By the way, on the back of every bill and coin of American currency are the words, 'In God We Trust'. Trusting in God has reaped greatness for our court system and our nation. We have taken this lesson to heart and our proud to join our voices together and proclaim "In God We Trust".

3) Conventional thinking holds the opinion that lex talionis, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, was an adage that expressed God's permission to return evil for evil. Serious scholars disagree. When retaliation was in vogue as the means for bringing the scales of justice back into balance, we were not satisfied with just a tooth for a tooth. We wanted a leg, arm, femur, ear and more. To counter our lust for excessive retaliation, God limited it with lex talionis. Justice meant equality of injury - no more. Lex talionis was one of God's initial steps to limit our blood lust for excessive retaliation.